Blood is Thicker than Water


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Blood is Thicker than Water

The phrase ‘Blood is thicker than water’, is written 血浓于水 (xiě nóng yú shuǐ) in Chinese.

The first character, 血 (xiě), means ‘blood’. The second character, 浓 (nóng), means ‘dense, thick, concentrated’. The third character, 于 (yú), means ‘than’, and the fourth character, 水 (shuǐ), means ‘water’.

A few other cool tattoo suggestions using the above characters are 血汗 xuèhàn (blood and sweat), 背水一战 (bèishuǐyīzhàn – fight to the death), and 登山涉水 (dēngshānshèshuǐ – scale mountains and cross rivers).

The above Chinese calligraphy is in the Fountain font. Custom Chinese translations in this tattoo font are available in the Shop. For more tattoo ideas and tattoo designs, continue reading the posts below.